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You Empower Resilience

At Resilient Roots...

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We believe that by teaching people to grow their own food using models from nature we can build a resilient, diverse, and climate positive community.


Our goal is to transform backyards across Cape Cod into interconnected habitats through an ecological approach of planting natives and edibles.

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You empower people to take on this transformation by funding our educational programming, such as workshops, permablitzes, skill building and one on one consultations. are the key to building a resilient future. 

100% of your tax deductible donation goes directly to support our educational programming. This includes workshops, permablitzes, and skill building with students and seniors alike. 

If you want to send a check our address is:

Resilient Roots 

307 Willow St

West Barnstable, MA

Resilient Roots is a charitable non-profit (501) (c) 3 organization. All gifts are tax-deductible within the fullest extent of the law. Please contact your financial or tax-advisor if you have any questions.

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"Resilient Roots jump-started our journey toward reducing our lawn, producing some of our own food, while promoting pollinator and wildlife habitat in our little corner of the world."  Jeff Smith

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