Resilient Roots' mission is to provide hands-on, practical education that teaches people to grow food organically, using natural ecosystems as a model, while creating landscapes that include native plants, regenerate the ecosystem’s health and ensures people and wildlife can thrive.

Observing and learning from nature is the first step to understanding.  By applying some basic design principles, you can create a landscape that is abundant, make significant climate-positive changes and build community, all while helping to save the planet.​

Resilient Roots is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3)  non-profit organization. We rely on financial support from across the region to bring you programming and to work with those that need our help. Please help us bring the tools we all need to live in balance with nature and create a resilient and abundant future by making a donation now. Thank you!

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"Resilient Roots jump-started our journey toward reducing our lawn, producing some of our own food, while promoting pollinator and wildlife habitat in our little corner of the world. We had been researching permaculture methods and soil restoration, but were at a loss for where to begin. Kristie's site visit and subsequent design helped us envision what we could do over a few years. And hosting a permablitz gave us great hands-on education while also implementing a good chunk of the design. Plus, we met some great like-minded people!"


Jeff Smith – Orleans

A Garden @Fuller Farm

We have built a Food Forest at property owned by The Barnstable Land Trust.  Resilient Roots is creating and maintaining the regenerative gardens. Some of our workshops may be held here and people can come and learn by seeing how we garden.  


Fuller 3 mo.HEIC

What's a Permablitz?  Learn more and join us at one soon!

Produce from the gardens will go to local food pantries and be used to support our continued work.

Upcoming Workshops
Unusual, Delicious, Low Maintenance Fruit Workshop
West Barnstable
October 1st
9 AM

Join us at Homespun Farm to talk about six different fruit trees, shrubs and vines that are productive, attractive, low maintenance and delicious. These are plants that are often over looked but perform well, when the right varieties are chosen, in our unique Cape Cod conditions: persimmon, fig, Asian pear, paw paw, Nanking cherry and kiwi berry.  

Learn how to grow them, where to source them and if we are lucky we many be able to taste some of them. 


This workshop will be held at Homespun Farm in West Barnstable.

Wrapping up the Garden and Getting a Jump on Next Spring Plus Planting Garlic

West Barnstable

Oct 15

9 -11ish AM


This workshop is part of our vegetable gardening series, where we will be talking putting away the veg garden and starting to prep for next spring to make it easier and so you'll have a more productive garden next year.  We will discuss cleaning up after this years crops, growing winter cover crops, sheet mulching, soil testing, and adding organic nutrients to your soil. Also a bonus section on growing garlic and shallots. 

This workshop will be held at Homespun Farm in West Barnstable.

If the fee for any workshop is a barrier to joining us please let us known. We can work it out.

Permaculture copy.jpg

Workshops and Events

Resilient Roots holds a variety of events throughout the year.  From gardening to ​mycology to water capture, check out what we have coming up and sign up below if you want to be notified about what's coming up in the future.

We want our workshops and

events to be accessible to all.  If

you feel you can't afford the ticket price please call us. 

Garden Coaching/Consultations

Talk to us about garden coaching and landscape consultations if you are interested in taking the next steps to transforming your landscape into one that that is more eco-friendly or maybe you just need help with what and how to plant.  Send us an email and we can set-up a visit. Check out the Services Page and see more about our offerings.


Want to get your hands dirty, meet great people, and learn more about gardening/regenerative agriculture/permaculture? Join us at a Permablitz.  


They include structured learning for part of the day, along with hands-on practical experience and getting to know your neighbors.  

Check here to see our schedule for the next permablitz.

"I've had a long theoretical interest in permaculture and regenerative agriculture, but only recently when I moved to the Cape and bought an old farmhouse, did I have the opportunity to put this interest into action. I quickly became overwhelmed by all the possibilities for my homestead and how to put the pieces together into a coherent whole. I discovered Resilient Roots and attended a couple workshops. These workshops were extremely helpful, with a good balance of instruction and hands-on application. More importantly, I met Kristie and in her found an energetic, enthusiastic, and highly knowledgeable permaculture designer. I asked Kristie to create a full design and plan for my homestead. Her resulting work has made all the difference in giving me the vision and confidence to implement permaculture at my own scale and in support of my personal goals and needs (rather than the sort of general ideas that can be found in books on the topic). Kristie not only designed the plan, but also created a step-by-step guide for how to implement and maintain the design, as well as provided a large packet of supporting documents on everything from how to build an herb spiral to the best supporting plants to grow around my orchard trees. I really couldn't recommend her work more highly!"

Hollin Pagos, Dennis, MA


Grow More Veg

We created a semi-weekly Garden Journal to help take you through the growing season in your vegetable garden.  
Take a look!

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What is permaculture and what is a food forest? This video from National Geographic will give you a glimpse into what permaculture looks like in action and how a food forest functions.  

We acknowledge that permaculture owes the roots of its theory and practice to traditional and Indigenous knowledges and that the land on which we live and garden is the territory of the Wampanoag Peoples, who have stewarded this land for generations.  We thank them for their strength and resilience in protecting this land, and aspire to uphold our responsibilities according to their example.

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