Week Two: April Showers Bring Happy Seedlings

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As another spring nor'easter moves out to sea, its time to double down on preparations for a strong veggie garden this summer.

Last week we discussed some basics of garden planning, seed starting, and what can be planted directly in the ground this time of year versus what should be started inside. Today we will take a closer look at tips and tricks for starting seeds inside and keeping them healthy. We’ll also discuss what can be planted straight in the ground outdoors this week. We will continue this dual-track format, covering each week’s indoor and outdoor tasks, for the next few posts.

Early April is about setting the stage for a bountiful harvest all summer long.

Put yourself on track for learning about and caring for seedlings now, and prepare to reap the rewards as April showers give way to May spinach, June snap peas and juicy July tomatoes. 

Don’t forget to check out the exciting links and resources included at the bottom. Our favorite this week: Ben and Erica Falk teach us how we can turn our homes into oases of food security and natural medicine for times like these - definitely worth the watch!

If you didn’t already watch this 5-minute seed-starting video from last week, it is a wonderful overview of the whole process for beginners or returning experts. We’d be hard-pressed to distill this blog into 5 minutes more clearly or concisely. Click the link now and check it out!

Now let's see what we should be up to for garden preparations indoors and outdoors this week:


What seeds are good to start in this time window?