Week 9: If There's One Thing You Should Do In Your Garden This Spring...This Is It!

Mulching! This week we'll tell you why and how and also discuss vertical gardening and growing sweet potatoes.

But first, let's ask...

What Should I Plant This Week?

Mulching Mania!

Mulch has two main purposes, smothering weeds and protecting soil (and soil microbes) from the UV radiation and evaporation caused by sunlight. You will be so glad you have done this come August! You don’t want to smother your plants, so wait until they are germinated and established before mulching. For many veggies, now is that time!

Though we often think of the dyed chips that landscapers spread by the ton this time of year, mulch is any material that covers the soil’s surface. Mulch can be natural materials, synthetic coverings, or living mulches (plants).

If you don’t mulch any bare soil, nature will do it for you - with weeds!

What Kind of Mulch Should I Use?

For an annual veggie garden, use natural materials you have on hand.

  • Leaves- chopped up with a lawnmower