Week 8: Spring is here..for a minute

Blowing apart misconceptions in the gardening world! Should we be beholden to dates and enchanted by zones?

But first let's ask...

What Should I Plant This Week?


Most of the plants we started inside have moved into the hardening off stage, but there are a few cucurbits still needing to get bigger and we are starting things like nasturtium and sunflowers indoors to give them a head start against the bunnies who will bite their little heads off as soon as they come up.

It is said there are no gardening mistakes, only experiments. But if we are to experiment then we must document. Keeping a log of your gardening activities can be very useful. It’s hard to remember year to year all the different varieties you planted and where you planted what.

Here is what we suggest you keep track of minimally:

  • Variety

  • When you seeded and/or transplanted

  • Map where things were planted, to allow for rotations

  • How did it do in your garden?

  • What might have affected your crop or what conditions were prevalent?

  • Weather

  • Pests/diseases

  • Did you like eating this variety?

  • Etc.