Week 10: It's All In!

We are taking a look at how things are doing in the garden this week. Plus, pulling back the curtain to get to know the people behind the blog. Also, now that your veggies are all in, let's explore permaculture with a feature film.

A look at the Garden

We have planted all of our veggies in the garden now and we feel comfortable recommmening that you can too. Here are some snapshots of how things are doing in our garden. Some are thriving, others facing some challenges - as you would expect. The variable weather and other conditions will favor some crops while other crops will have issues. That's just the way it is.

Our brassicas are growing slowly and getting a bit munched by slugs (left). This is often a problem when you have a good mulch layer on where they can hide. It's time for us to spread some Sluggo, an organic control for slugs, or to break out the beer. Placing a pie plate of beer near the plants overnight is a great way to catch and remove slugs to knock the population down.

Our carrots have germinated nicely this year (right). We'll keep them well watered with the drip tape, and mulch them when they get a bit bigger. Until then it's careful weeding.

The lettuce is hitting its stride now and we are picking it nightly for dinner (left and center). We have already planted a new batch from seed so that when this patch is done there will be more coming on. That's succession planting!

Our beets and chard (right) are ready to be thinned to give each plant enough room to grow. Those thinnings will go into our salad tonight!

Our potatoes are poking up ! (left) When they get a bit taller we will hill them up to create deeper underground stems - because that's where the spuds form.

Garlic is planted in November so, with well-developed roots, it can leap ahead of everything else in the spring. Next month it will flower. We want all the energy to go to the bulb, not to making seeds, so we cut the flowers off and use them to make a delicious pesto. The flowers are called scapes. Look for them in the markets.

Our champagne currants are also starting to form (right). Next month we will be picking these strings of pearls and popping them in our mouths (below).

So Who Writes This Blog Anyways?