Victory (Over the Virus) Garden

We have decided to start a new blog in light of Covid-19. We hope that we can empower you to take control and start growing some of your own food. You may be new to gardening and not know where to begin.  We have sifted through a lot of information to bring you what you need to succeed, just the basics. We will add a new post every week or two that will advise you about what actions you could be taking in the garden to have a successful harvest.

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Today we are covering the basics of starting seeds, and planning your garden.

What to Plant

Starting with getting some of your seeds started indoor, here is an introduction to seed starting by the National Gardening Association.

Only a few things need to be started inside in March and early April.  Things like tomatoes, peppers, eggplants are all warm-weather plants and need to be started early to be big enough to really take off when you plant them outside in May.  They can be started inside now.

Be sure to use sterilized seed starter to avoid a situation called damping off, which is caused by a bacteria found in garden soils.