Late June: When You're Thirsty Do You Take a Shower?

This for weeding, more watering tips and look out for those squash vine borers!

But first, we just wanted to thank all of you for your high praise for this blog. It's not exactly what we all expected to be doing in between our gardening jobs this growing season, but we all have enjoyed learning more about the world of gardening and sharing it with the Cape Cod community and beyond.

Last week we discussed tips for watering a veggie garden. There's one point we wanted to drive home since we see it so often forgotten. Whenever you can...


If you're thirsty, do you take a shower?

Plants drink through their roots, so put the water at the base of your plants.

- It's a more efficient use of water,

- Dry leaves discourage disease,

- The stomata or leaf pores stay closed when leaves are dry, retaining moisture.

For a veggie garden, we strongly suggest using drip tape or soaker hose irrigation or watering your plants at the base by hand.

Now let's talk shop.

Weeding: Tools and Timing

First, be proactive about weeds. Don’t leave your soil naked!

Like we mentioned in earlier weeks, mulching is really important for annual veggie gardening. Weed prevention is one of the big reasons why. Mulching around big plants and in between rows of smaller crops will cut back on weeds and conserve moisture. We see the consequences showing up now. Watch this quick video (called “Stop Weeding Your Garden”) for some examples.