Gardening Like We're Here to Stay

THE RAIN DANCE WORKED! A few showers brought relief after a summer that was much hotter and drier than average. We hope you've gotten some rain as well! This week we introduce you to permaculture, our full-time job.

We're so grateful to share in the trials and triumphs of vegetable gardening with all of you this summer. Seasoned gardeners, newbies, whatever your motives, we hope you're having fun and learning new skills. With harvest season upon us, our gaze turns to the future. How can we prepare to do better next year?

Permaculture: Gardening Like We're Here to Stay

Vegetable gardening changes your relationship to food, soil, and biology. As you think about your future plans to grow more, enjoy it more, and support the health of your home and land, we invite you to explore how the principles of permaculture can guide you in making that happen.

Permaculture is a way of designing landscapes that grow food and create biological abundance by mimicking how nature designs an ecosystem.

In practice, permaculture looks a bit like landscaping, a bit like creating a forest, and a bit like gardening or farming. Though it's a new term, "permaculture" is the probably oldest way our species farmed, encouraging the land to grow more of what tasted good.

Using a permaculture approach involves carefully observing your growing area and natural conditions, then tweaking it with slow and thoughtful responses, while understanding and incorporating basic principles and techniques.

Resilient Roots has a certified permaculture designer if you're looking for some help envisioning how you could incorporate into your landscape more edibles and support plants to create an aesthetically pleasing and ultra-productive garden. Just click here to see the design/consultation services we can provide.

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