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What if your yard could actually be a functional, beautiful space that was providing you with healthy organic food and/or enhancing wildlife habitats and be eco-friendly, all with minimal effort?  This is possible with our landscape and permaculture design services. 

We approach a consultation or design holistically, 

applying principles that take into account the built 

environment including the landscape, homes, humans, nature, animals, and plants. After working closely with a client to understand what their goals are, we create a design that takes into consideration all the components of the site. Our consultation and design process is led by an experienced designer. We charge a fee that supports our educational programming.  We have a few different options to choose from for our services.  



Many people are seeking tangible advice on organic gardening and making positive changes in their yards. We will visit your property and walk it with you, answering the site-specific questions you might have. The visit is likely to be  2-3 hours depending on your property size and we will provide general gardening education. Please fill out the questionnaire to begin the process of signing up for a consultation.

This is also the first step in creating a residential landscape design. The cost for this service is $240 (in the Midcape Area).


Residential Permaculture Design Services

A design begins with you. Your goals, needs, and desires are where we start so your input is paramount to a successful design. We consider ourselves to be co-creators of a design and plan. We ask you to start by filling out our questionnaire, so we can thoroughly understand what you and your family are looking for before we schedule design work with you​. Once you have filled out the questionnaire, we can discuss the next steps, which may include the options described below.   Designs start at $1600.



Abbreviated  (No Drawings)

This is a great starting point for permaculture design work at your property. This option is good if you are a self-starter and want to continue the research into plant types and specific placement yourself but you just need some general guidelines. After reviewing your questionnaire in advance and doing some remote research, we will visit the property,  providing you with design guidance, including a list of design ideas for you to implement. This option does not include drawings or a follow-up report, but we can give you a quote for further design work if you would like a more in-depth analysis.  Apart from the initial consultation, our design work is billed on an hourly basis at $80/hr.

Abbreviated Plus  (With Drawings) This option includes all of the above and a few drawings that outline basic areas where elements should go, along with lists of plants but not detailed plans. Apart from the initial consultation, our design work is billed on an hourly basis at $80/hr.

Complete Permaculture Design (With Detailed Drawings & Report)

Once we have completed the abbreviated option above we can take the process further to create an in-depth design for your property which includes a full-sized illustration of the property with all the elements we are proposing.  The process includes:

  • an initial visit to clarify goals and observe the site, 

  • a visit to go over and share our draft design concept ideas and get your feedback,

  • a visit to present the complete design and planting chart along with our report complete with recommendations: 

how to implement the plan in phases

how to source plants and other resources.  

an electronic version of the final plan

a maintenance schedule explaining how and when to care for it year-round.

Apart from the initial consultation, our design work

is billed on an hourly basis at $80/hr. After the

initial consultation described above, we can give

you a quote for your project. The property size

and complexity of the design will determine the cost

of the final plan.

Contact us to discuss the options!

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 8.07.26 AM.png

Stages of a Garden

Design with Resilient Roots


If you decide to do a permaculture design with

us, here is what to expect...


1.) Introductory Meeting /Consultation
This is a chance for you to discuss what your goals and objective are and to find out more about the design process and about us. We will walk the site so you can explain how you use the area and what the challenges are and talk through the possibilities. 

2.) Site Survey/Analysis

We will then do a solo walk performing a site analysis taking detailed notes, measure dimensions, sun exposure, and take plenty of pictures. 

3.) Concept Plan
With the information gathered in the consultation and site survey, we will create a concept plan.  This is a proposal, in broad strokes, of the new design.  It forms the basis of a discussion to enable a detailed design to be produced.  We will meet with you and discuss the concepts and make changes where needed.

4.) Detailed Design of Garden Layout
Once we are in agreement on the concepts, we will create a detailed design of the garden.  It shows the layout of all the elements and all of the key features and is accompanied by comments and sketches to bring the design to life.

5.) Planting Plan
A planting plan provides information to enable someone to create the garden.  It includes a schedule of recommended plants, with quantities
, and a scale plan of their position in the garden layout.  

6.) Aftercare & Maintenance Plan
To help you care for your garden once it's completed we provide a maintenance schedule explaining how and when to care for it year-round.

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