We are launching a monthly community led workshop where we teach and learn from each other about all things herb. We will meet at 6 PM on the 1st Thursday of each month for six months starting in May. A few members will collaborate to teach about one kind of herb at each meeting. The first meeting will be taught by Resilient Roots staff and Board members and from there we will organize the group around member interests.
Instruction will include some history, how to grow the herb and how use it culinarily and medicinally if applicable. We will make products such as tincture and salves and make tasty treats to share. Come to the first meeting with an idea of what herbs you would like to learn more about and we will create a master list for people to choose from. Come, Learn, Share, Have Fun!

The $30 charge is a subscription that covers attendance at all six workshops. 

Herb Club 1st Thursday of the Month, May- Oct. 6 PM