Harvesting Rainwater for Your

Outdooring Water Needs


Thursday September 5 at 7:00 PM


1540 Main St, West Barnstable


Are you interested in exploring the opportunities for water harvesting

on your property or community programming?

Jeff Adams, originally from Falmouth but now practicing landscape

design in Utah, is joining us for an interactive presentation on the

fundamentals of water harvesting, including techniques to mitigate

stormwater runoff issues, decreasing the use of drinking quality water

for outdoor irrigation needs, and providing a supplemental water

source. Techniques discussed will include water harvesting landscape

features such as rain gardens and swales and roof water catchment

fundamentals for tank and barrel systems.

Basic calculations will be covered for determining how much water

you can potentially harvest. Examples of water harvesting projects

and programs from around the country will be highlighted.

Donations accepted.

Harvesting Rainwater Presentation

  • send us an email at resilientrootscapecod@gmail.com to pre-register