It’s hard to imagine now, but once we get that first hard frost, our dahlias plants will turn black telling us it’s time think about digging and storing them for winter.  It’s important to wait for two weeks after that blackening, hard frost before we disturb the tubers so they can go through a hardening-off process and will store better through the winter. 

In this workshop we will cover:

  • When to dig the tubers
  • How to dig the tubers - extremely carefully
  • Why it is so crucial to be gentle
  • How to clean them 
  • How to dry them
  • How to divide them 
  • What to store them in 
  • Storage conditions and 
  • Monitoring of your tubers

To help insure you can successfully, we will work through the process, highlighting the nuanced procedure to insure that, in the spring, you can pull out a plump viable tuber to plant.  Each participant will be able to dig a plant and have us there to walk you through the process.   You will be able to bring home a few new tubers also.
Join the dahlia crew, Lillie and Kristie, for this hands-on workshop and gain the skills to be successful at over wintering your dahlias!

Fall Dahlia Workshop - November 12