June 27, 2020 at 9-11 AM

At this workshop we will be looking at using resources normally considered "wastes" to enhance the productivity of our gardens.  First, we will discuss compost tea and demonstrate  how to make it, what the benefits are and how we apply it to our plants.  Also, we will show how we use other plants that we grow to create nutrient rich teas that give  crops a boosts. Learn how you can take food scraps and make them into castings that are one of the best fertilizers you can use.  Finally, we will look at the benefits of including wood ash in your plantings.  

Spaces are limited.  We will be outside and we will be practicing social distancing and wearing masks.  Please bring a mask to participate.

Boost Plant Health with Compost Tea, Plant Teas, Worm Castings and Wood Ash