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Discovering Native Edibles 
October 1st

1 pm-4 pm 

Join us as Russ Cohen, author and expert on native edibles, talks about the native and non-natives edibles in our backyards and wild areas. We will be at Barnstable Land Trust’s Fuller Farm, in Marstons Mills for this talk/walk. 


Russ’s passion is connecting to nature via his taste buds, and assisting others in doing the same.  Russ has now taken on the role of Johnny Appleseed for edible native species. He has set up a small nursery (in Weston, MA) where he grows/keeps plants that he propagates from seed (some of which he collected himself). He collaborates with land trusts, cities and towns, schools and colleges, state and federal agencies, tribal groups, organic farms and others to plant plants from his nursery in appropriate places on their properties. 

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Resilient Roots invites you to learn how to preserve your summer fruits and veggies with Kim Concra from Cape Cod Cooperative Extension. Kim will guide us through various methods of preserving, from boiling water canning to dehydrating. 

We will watch as Kim demonstrates the methods emphasizing the safety aspects of food preservation. There will be an opportunity to be hands-on in the process and you will take home a jar of jam or pickles.

This workshop will be held at Cape Cod Community College on Saturday, Sept 16th from 9 am to 1 pm. The workshop registration fee includes the cost of materials.

Canning: Preserve Your

Summer Produce

September 16th 9 am - 1 pm



Join us at Homespun Farm for a talk by Ex Dir of Resilient Roots, Kristie about seven uncommon fruit trees, shrubs and vines that are productive, attractive, low maintenance and delicious. These are plants that are often over looked but perform well, when the right varieties are chosen, in our unique Cape Cod conditions.  

Persimmon, Fig, Asian pear, Pawpaw, Nanking cherry, Mulberry and Kiwiberry will be discussed.  

Learn how to grow them, where to source them, and sample some varieties. 

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Join us as we explore all the resources you and your yard have to offer in terms of shaping an abundant and fertile soil in which to grow fruits, flowers, and more.

See how you can use your leaves, logs, food waste, and many other “wastes” to grow great things and do this in the most convenient way possible.  We will discuss composting and vermiculture, hugelkultur and leaf mold, and many other methods and resources you didn’t know you had at your disposal. Don’t put that in the landfill, use it to grow stuff!

This workshop will be led by Bryan Horsley and Kristie Kapp. Bryan is on the cutting edge of recycling & reusing natural materials and has developed a successful composting practice. He is excited to share with us the alternative techniques he’s experimented with and implemented. 

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Come and learn about the incredible acorn! The acorn is one of nature’s most abundant food sources, often ignored and overlooked. Join us as Will Poirier teaches us how to harvest and safely process this native & local resource. He will be covering the harvesting, processing, and uses of acorn flour.

Acorns are a  tasty and nutritious superfood and collecting and using them can become a fun, fall tradition. Like hazelnuts and walnuts, acorns are an edible, nutritious food for human consumption. This is a hands-on workshop and we will be processing acorns.

Will Poirer is a land steward and permaculture practitioner, dedicated to sharing his knowledge of the natural world. Join us at Fuller Farm for this unique & fun workshop.

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We are excited to welcome, as part of our herb series, author, educator and founder of Vineyard Herbs, Holly Bellebuono. She will be teaching us about formulating medicinal teas for the family. The class format will be a lecture presentation, followed by a hands-on making of some medicinal teas to take home with you.

Holly has authored seven wonderful books including, The Authentic Herbal Healer, The Essential Herbal for Natural Health and Women Healers of the World. She owns and operates the herbal education school, The Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine on Martha’s Vineyard. Holly has spoken at conferences and classes worldwide.

Holly’s dynamic and thought-provoking storytelling combined with her expert health advice born of 20 years of teaching herbal medicine, awakens audiences to their fullest potential and motivates and empowers people toward health and fulfillment.

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